There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind - C.S. Lewis

Alley Cat is M O V I N G ! We will be re-locating Alley Cat Vintage Mercantile at 900 Indiana, to our Warehouse at 1505 Lamar sometime early 2018. At 27,000 sq ft, the Warehouse provides a ton of space with great structural elements and an open floor plan. We plan to move most of our vendors with us, along with plenty of new faces. Look for an improved and expanded vintage fashion area from Funky retro Monkey & vinyl records by the thousands. We're excited to provide updates on the Warehouse in upcoming weeks.

When we opened the Warehouse in July of 2017, we felt confident that we had enough energy and enthusiasm for both locations. More room, more fun, more to love! Instead, we found our passion increasingly drawing us toward the Warehouse, the beautiful raw building inspiring us creatively each day. It seemed then, as now, full of potential. A clean slate. Uncharted territory. Opportunity. Somehow, the Warehouse felt like a new beginning that harkened back to our true beginning. Baby Alley Cat, with our family of tight-knit vendors, always pushing and inspiring each other to be our best.

In contrast, the Mercantile seemed to us to have already peaked - perhaps was even a little on the decline. When the owners of the building approached us wanting to sell, we realized we had little interest in buying. That great, big, beautiful building was more than we wanted. More importantly, it was time to give someone else the opportunity to utilize it to its full potential.

When we moved into the Perkin's building, we only dreamt of the development downtown is seeing now. We've seen a record number of new businesses in 2017, with more coming in '18! Things are a-hoppin', and we couldn't be more excited and proud to be a part of it. The cityscape is evolving, and 900 Indiana will no doubt become a grand addition to downtown Wichita Falls.

We hope that you continue to follow and support us on our journey. Nothin' but good times ahead!

Thank you,

Julie, Cody, Ruby & the Alley Cat Crew

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