Reflections on Winning: The Folks (Furry & Otherwise) Responsible for Alley Cat's Success

Alley Cat has always been an extraordinary beast of it's own - organically growing, shape shifting, frequently joyous, but also demanding and capricious. I feed and tend to it the best I can, but take little credit for it's somewhat startling and continued success. There is no place that provides me with so much delight on a near daily basis. Cody and I are lucky indeed, for our family of vendors and workers includes the best of the best - creative, inspired, quirky, original, and hardworking (so hardworking!).

I appreciate each and every one of the them, and I appreciate YOU and every other Alley Cat customer, many of whom I now call friend. I love the synergy betwen our vendors and customers, the excitement and flow, exchange of ideas, YOU, in short, are the frosting on our layer cake of success. YOU, with your passions and collections and imagination and curiousity.

Truly, my cup runneth over.

Winners for the third year in a row of Texoma's Best for Antique Store, we thank all of you and the kitties too! Meow.