An Ode to Maximalism

Despite my admiration for a cool-as-a-cucumber, simplify your life minimalism-I have things. So. Many. Things.

Everyone who knows me knows that I love stuff. I am a "more is more" kinda gal. I adore every inch of Alley Cat's 50,000+ square feet now crammed with objects everyday and unusual, lowbrow, highbrow and everything in between. I delight in other people's garbage. I am an archaeologist of trash. 

Thus, when opportunity recently arose to open an additional Alley Cat in a lovely wharehouse by a forgotten railroad track, it took only hours to respond to that opportunity with an emphatic HECK YES! Meet Alley Cat Vintage Mercantile's unruly baby brother-ALLEY CAT VINTAGE WHAREHOUSE.

The new store at 1505 Lamar has tons of personality within it's brick lined walls and high steel girded ceilings, and while more rough around the edges than big sis it does own a rather raw-boned charm. Look for a newly expanded Three Dog Books, discount records, primitives, industrial and architectural elements, a live plant nursery, and vintage/salvage lighting for just a start.

Move-in begins NOW, with a target date of July 4th to coincide with the soft opening of our friends/neighbors Heritage Antiques, soon to occupy 1500 Lamar. 

*Vendor applications are being accepted at both Alley Cat locations, please call Julie at (940) 733-2761